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Since the colder months are fast approaching, it’s only natural that homeowners would want their homes to be as warm and comfortable as possible. As an expert in heating repair in Otsego, MN, Rol Air Plumbing & Heating recommends that you prepare for the potentially freezing temperatures. Here are a few holiday heating tips to keep in mind.

Utilize Your Ceiling Fans

When the weather turns cold, many people dial up the thermostat. Unfortunately, this causes their heating system to consume more energy. If you want to avoid a spike in your utility bills, opt to turn on your home’s ceiling fans instead. By switching the fans to spin in a counterclockwise direction, rising warm air will be pushed downward. This means your heater won’t need to work as hard.

Get an HVAC Inspection

Before inviting guests over to your home this holiday season, be sure to have your HVAC system inspected by professional heating services. Addressing problems early will help prevent an unexpected breakdown. The last thing you want is to be stuck inside a cold home with no heat.

Replace Your HVAC Filter

Replacing your HVAC filter is an important aspect of heating maintenance. A dirty filter allows more dust and allergens to circulate throughout your home, which worsens indoor air quality. It can also hurt your unit’s performance. Ideally, you should install a new filter every month.

Keep Your Air Vents Clear

If you’re planning to host a holiday get-together, you may need to rearrange some furniture. However, don’t make the mistake of unintentionally covering up your air vents. Even a single blocked vent can cause cold spots in your home.

Consider Installing a New HVAC System

An old, outdated HVAC system is far more likely to need heating repair. It’s only a matter of time before it completely fails.

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