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Heating Services in Elk River, MN, and Nearby Areas

If you are used to staying nice and cozy in your home during the cold winter months, you likely have your heating system to thank for it. At the same time, you may neglect this useful appliance until it is too late. You will want to make sure that it is properly serviced and looked after so that you and your family can enjoy the heat whenever the weather outside calls for it. Rol Air Plumbing & Heating proudly offers a number of heating services in Elk River, MN.

  • Heating and Furnace Repair - No matter the issue with your heating system, we will work hard to get it going again for you. Ask us about our comprehensive range of heating repair services.
  • Heating and Furnace Maintenance - There are times when your furnace seems to be fully functional, but there may be underlying issues that could worsen over time. Regular heating and furnace maintenance will address this concern and help extend the lifespan of the system.
  • Heating and Furnace Installation - From new homes to remodels, we are pleased to be the HVAC company in Elk River, MN that provides complete heating installation services.
  • Heat Pumps - Heat pumps help keep a home comfortable, especially during the cold months. If your home supports a heat pump, we can help maintain and service it for you on a regular basis.
  • Furnace Services - Many homes in the area still have a furnace. If yours is one of them, you can count on us to keep it working properly for you with the help of our furnace services.
  • Mini Split - Considering a mini split system for your space? Ask us about the high-quality mini split systems that we offer.
  • Boiler - If there is a problem with your boiler, you do not want to try to fix it on your own. Call us out and we will take care of it for you.
  • Thermostats - It is important to have your thermostats checked occasionally to make sure that it is registering the correct temperature.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning - Do not neglect the importance of having your dryer vent cleaned on a regular basis. Dryer vent cleaning will help reduce utility bills and fire hazards.
  • Duct Cleaning - Your air conditioning and heating ducts can get quite dirty. You can count on our duct cleaning services to keep your ducts clean for you.

My utility bills are too high. How can I save on energy consumption?

Old furnaces are never as energy-efficient as new units. We may be able to make some upgrades to help your old system conserve heat, but we recommend installing a completely new system before the onset of the coldest times of the year.

Do you perform routine service on heating systems?

Annual maintenance and inspection help keep furnaces and heat pumps running efficiently. They also help you avoid breakdowns. Rest assured that we provide annual inspections and preventive maintenance to keep your boilers and furnaces efficient and reliable.

What should I do if my furnace goes out?

In Minnesota, a heating problem is serious. We are ready to respond as quickly as possible to diagnose and repair the problem so that your family and home are warm and safe. Rol Air Plumbing and Heating can take care of all aspects of heating maintenance, installation, and repair to keep your home warm.

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