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Specializing in Air Conditioning Installation in Zimmerman, MN

Proper air conditioning installation in Zimmerman, MN makes a big difference when temps rise during the summer months in this area. Humidity levels also go up, which makes having a reliable source of indoor comfort even more beneficial.

It's equally important to work with an experienced HVAC contractor in Zimmerman, MN from a trusted local company like Rol Air Plumbing & Heating to avoid the potential pitfalls that go along with improper installation. These include:

  • Over-stressing your AC unit if it's not correctly sized
  • Wasting energy if your system is too big for your home
  • Reducing the overall efficiency of your cooling system
  • Needing repairs more often

Types of AC Units to Consider

When it's time to consider air conditioning replacement or a new air conditioner installation, you'll have some choices. The main types of AC units used in homes today include:

  • Central air conditioning systems: Whole-house units are a common choice for homeowners. These systems include an outdoor and indoor unit that allows for even cooling throughout your home and decreased inside humidity levels.
  • Ductless mini-split systems: Ductless mini-splits are smaller units ideal for certain rooms or areas of your home. It's an option to consider if your home doesn't have ductwork or as a supplement to a central AC system.
  • Window units: Window units are designed to only cool certain rooms, like a bedroom or kitchen. These AC units remove warmer, moisture-filled air to the outside, which improves indoor comfort.

Other options with AC units include portable air conditioners and floor units. We're here to answer your questions so you can make a confident choice with your new cooling system.

Factors to Take into Account Before Choosing a Cooling System

As you weigh your options with a new cooling system, there are some factors to consider. The main ones we recommend paying attention to include how big your home is and what areas need to be cooled. It’s also important to consider your preferences for energy savings and indoor comfort and your available budget.

Benefits of Working with Rol Air

Rol Air has been providing top-notch air conditioning maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement service in Zimmerman, MN, and nearby areas since 2013. Our team has a firm commitment to customer satisfaction that includes budget-friendly pricing and convenient financing options. Our courteous, local technicians also make sure to deliver reliable services using top-quality products from manufacturers we personally trust.

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