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Well Tanks in Zimmerman, MN, and Nearby Areas from Rol Air Plumbing & Heating

Your residential well tank is one of your most vital elements in providing a home water system that operates with excellence. When you don't have the right water pressure, you don't only experience discomfort when washing up, but you may as well not be getting clean at all. Luckily, a well tank ensures that you always get the water pressure that you need.

Should it end up in need of repair or other services, our trusted plumbing company can work on your well tank in Elk River, MN, and nearby areas.

How a Well Tank Works

Within a well tank, a flexible membrane separates the water in the tank from a chamber full of air. As the tank fills up with water, that chamber compresses to create pressurized air. Once you need that water, the pressure of the air forces the water out of the well tank, giving you water that always comes with a comfortable amount of pressure.

While not everyone has a residential well tank, it's a huge benefit to do so. A well tank gives you immediate access to water with sound pressure so that there's never a delay when you turn on your faucets. There's no manual pumping involved since an automatic switch exists within the tank, and when your water pressure is low, the tank will fill up without you having to worry about it.

Common Issues to Look Out For

Like all machines, a well tank can experience mechanical faults. When you turn on a faucet, pay attention to the water pressure when someone flushes the toilet, turns on a sink, or gets into the shower. If the water pressure suddenly decreases, it's probably time to troubleshoot your well tank.

  • Punctured Membrane - When the membrane between the water and air chamber in the tank gets punctured, water can escape into the air chamber. Without the separation of the air and water, the membrane can't expand and collapse, meaning that there's no control over the water pressure at all. If this is the problem, you'll most likely need to replace the membrane entirely.
  • Faulty Switch - The switch inside of your well tank can get clogged up with debris or waterlogged. When this happens, the switch might not turn on to refill the tank, no matter how low your water pressure gets. The switch can also burn out due to membrane puncturing that causes the well tank to overwork itself in an attempt to compensate for the lost pressure.
  • Breaker Trip - When the power goes out during a storm or because everyone's using too much electricity at once, the circuit breaker will trip and shut off your electricity. A power surge like that will also affect your well tank, turning it off and leaving you without water. Fortunately, your well tank should begin operating again once we work on it.

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