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Grade-A Air Conditioning Installation in Zimmerman, MN, and Nearby Areas

If you’ve lived in the area for even a year, then you know just how hot and humid it can get during the summer. You certainly don’t want to go another hot summer without an air conditioner. If you’ve never had an air conditioner or it’s time to replace the one you’ve had for years, call our trusted HVAC company today. We’ll help you choose your new air conditioner and get your air conditioning installation in Zimmerman, MN, and nearby areas done before your home gets too uncomfortable to stay in.

Choosing an Air Conditioner

Getting a new air conditioner isn’t as easy as going to the store and buying the first one you see. You’ll want to make sure that you get an A/C that is perfect for your house, as well as one that will be reliable for years to come. We consider many factors when we help you choose a new air conditioner, including:

  • The size of your home. Larger homes need larger air conditioners. Some homes even do better with two separate units, each cooling a different part of the home. We’ll help you determine which cooling units and air conditioning services would work best given your square footage and the layout of your house.
  • Your energy-saving preferences. Some air conditioners are designed to conserve more energy than others, though all of them conserve more energy than older units! We’ll talk to you about the pros and cons of one of these energy-efficient models and help you decide if that is a priority for you and your family.
  • Your air conditioning usage patterns. Some people use their air conditioners every day in the summer, while others only turn them on every now and then. If you use your unit less frequently, sometimes you don’t need one that is as large, or you may only need one instead of two. We’ll make sure you get something that will work well in your home for years to come.
  • Your budget. While air conditioners are always an investment, we’ll help you save as much money as possible. If you need a payment plan or financing, we’ll help connect you with available options. We don’t want you to roast this summer, so we’ll help you get an A/C you can afford.
  • The manufacturer. We will never suggest or recommend an air conditioner that comes from a manufacturer we don’t trust. In fact, we won’t ask you to install anything in your home that we wouldn’t put on our own. Our years in the business have shown us which units tend to last, and we’ll help you get one of these for your house.

Rol Air Plumbing & Heating is an all-around HVAC company that offers:

Call Rol Air Plumbing & Heating today if you’re thinking about air conditioning installation in the Zimmerman, MN area. We’ll offer you options that would work well in your house, then we’ll order your new A/C and install it correctly as soon as possible. Stay cool this summer when you get a new air conditioner from Rol Air Plumbing & Heating today. Make your appointment as soon as possible!

We are proud to provide expert air conditioning installation in the following areas:

AC Installation FAQs

On average, a well-maintained AC unit operates for 10 to 15 years.

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At Rol Air Plumbing & Heating, we’ve earned a reputation for installing the best air conditioning systems in Zimmerman, MN, and nearby areas. We’re backed by extensive training, over 20 years of experience, superior workmanship, and an uncompromising dedication to outstanding customer service. Whether you want a ducted AC system that can also keep your home warm during winter or an evaporative air conditioner to cool your indoor space affordably during summer, there’s nothing we cannot do for you.

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