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Mini Split Services in Zimmerman, MN, and the Surrounding Areas

Rol Air Plumbing & Heating is the trusted local team with vast experience in the installation and repairs of the popular HVAC units called mini split in Zimmerman, MN, and nearby areas. If you are building a new structure or renovating an older one, the mini-split may be ideal for you.

One of your main considerations is the cost of heating installation and air conditioning installation. If you're looking at just the cost to purchase the equipment, you're possibly overlooking some other cost factors which could be more important as time goes forward.

Features and Benefits of Mini-Split Systems

A mini-split heating system is a heat pump which means it has a compressor like a window air conditioner, but the compressor can be "run in reverse" to either move heat from inside the structure to the outdoors, or it can move heat from the outdoors into the structure when heating is required. The difference is, the condenser portion (or portions, since you can run up to eight of them on some units) of the heat pump is located inside the structure requiring only one small hole in the exterior wall to provide passage for some half-inch copper tubing and its insulation.

Mini-splits have three important advantages over conventional types of equipment:

  • There is no duct work to pay for and leak air over time.
  • They are extremely quiet, both indoors and outdoors.
  • They are highly efficient for heating and cooling, saving you important money on energy bills to operate them.

Rely on Rol Air Plumbing & Heating

When you consider the importance of the heating system and cooling system to the comfort and safety of your family, you'll want to focus a great deal of attention on the care and maintenance of those systems. You'll want to know that the provider you choose for heating services has the licenses, tools, training, and experience with which to do the job quickly and economically.

The Rol Air Plumbing & Heating team includes licensed, highly qualified, and experienced technicians to perform heating maintenance and even heating repair. Even our support personnel is trained to provide outstanding customer service.

We ensure quality heating installation, and our expertise in heating services has made us the trusted name in the local area, especially when it comes to working on mini-split systems. We can make sure you benefit from this compact and cost-effective system for many years to come. We pride ourselves in being the local expert for:

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