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Rol Air Makes Your Home Work Better So You Can Live Better

We specialize in solving heating, cooling, humidity, household allergies, dry air, and water problems.
We have more than 20 years of experience serving the northwest Twin Cities area.


Furnace Not Working

My furnace isn’t turning on or there is no heat throughout my house.


Loud Furnace

My furnace is making loud noises or is clicking on and off.


Smelly Furnace

My furnace smells like burnt rubber or smelly socks. Is this dangerous?


Household Allergies

One of my family members suffers from mold, dust, pet, or seasonal allergies.


AC Not Cooling

My air conditioner isn’t turning on or off or the fan isn’t working.


Dry Air

I have a humidifier hooked up to my HVAC system, but my house feels too dry.


Condensation on Windows

In the winter, my windows get condensation.


Water Smells Like Eggs

My tap water smells like iron or sulphur.


Water Stains Clothes

My clothes, shower, and toilets will turn orange, even though we have salt in our softener.


Softener Not Working

My water softener is on, but my water seems hard.


Not Enough Hot Water

Two people cannot take showers within an hour, or I must spread out washing dishes or laundry.


Water Has Bacteria

How do I get rid of bacteria in my water? Is it dangerous?


Smelly Washing Machine

My washing machine has a musty smell, even when I don’t leave clothes in the washer very long.


Sensitive or Dry Skin

I already use “sensitive” laundry detergents, but it isn’t solving the problem.

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