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Efficient Drain Cleaning in Elk River, MN

Having a clogged drain may cause your home to grind to a halt but this does not always have to be the case. Be sure to have the issue addressed right away by Rol Air Plumbing & Heating. As time goes on, the problem is guaranteed to get worse and could result in serious damage to your home.

That is why if you notice any problems with your drains, big or small, you should reach out to our experienced drain cleaning company to take a look.

Our Top Drain Cleaning Options

From chemical drain cleaners to snaking, there are a few different ways to clean out blockages in your drains. The most effective route is to call our team for drain cleaning in Elk River, MN, and let us diagnose and handle the problem.

  • Snaking - A professional-level snake is one of the tools in our arsenal for dealing with clogs. As you may know, the snake is fed through the drain until it encounters the blockage. The tool then works to break up and dislodge the blockage.
  • Sewer Scope - With a sewer scope, our technicians can get a direct view inside the pipe. We'll use these when the clog is located deep inside the pipe somewhere (most likely in the sewer pipe). The tool travels through the pipes and has a camera on the end and gives us a clear view of what's causing the clog.
  • Hydro Jetting - This is a fantastic technique that involves a technician shooting a high-pressure stream of water through the pipes to clear out any blockages. Hydro jetting also cleans your pipes in an environmentally friendly process.

Signs of Clogged Drains

If you've got a blocked drain, then there will be signs, some more obvious than others. Knowing these signs and calling for drain cleaning services as soon as you discover them can save you lots of time and money.

  • Toilet Problems - A toilet that backs up or only partially flushes is a clear sign of a blockage. It may be caused by the overuse of toilet paper or the flushing of inappropriate items, such as dental floss, cotton balls, and swabs, or wipes.
  • Water Draining Slowly - Is the pace of your draining water much slower than normal? If so, you're dealing with a blockage, which may be caused by something close to the mouth of the drain or deeper within the pipes.
  • Backups - A backup is when water and/or sewage flows back into your fixtures. At this point, you're looking at a complete or near-complete blockage and a potentially unhealthy and disastrous situation. Get in touch with us to provide you with drain cleaning courtesy of a top plumber in Elk River, MN.
  • Foul Odors - Drains and pipes carry food and waste away from the house. If you notice a bad smell emanating from your drains, then something rotten may be stuck in your pipes.

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No matter how small, drain blockages should be dealt with immediately by the top local drain cleaning company. Call us today or fill out the online form if you're experiencing any of the issues that are detailed above. Rol Air Plumbing & Heating provides drain cleaning in these areas as well:

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