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Heating repair in Zimmerman, MN

Understanding the key parts of your heating system in Zimmerman, MN can help you maintain it well. This is one way to reduce your odds of having to call on Rol Air Plumbing & Heating for urgent repairs at inconvenient times. We care more about your heating, which consists of these main parts.

Heat Exchanger

When your thermostat activates your heating system, the heat exchanger is what warms cool air and absorbs heat. Heating repair in Zimmerman, MN is something you’ll need ASAP if you suspect a heat exchanger problem since issues with this part could result in a carbon monoxide leak.

Blower Motor

This is what powers the fan that blows warm air throughout your living spaces via ductwork. The blower motor keeps working even after combustion to ensure heated air is fully circulated. Routine heating maintenance in Zimmerman, MN should include a check of your furnace’s blower motor to ensure heated air circulates properly.

Combustion Chamber and Other Key Parts

The combustion chamber is where air is added to fuel. Also called a burner, this is a part found on gas furnaces. The electric furnace equivalent is a glow stick, which lights automatically. However, it does need to be re-lit if the pilot light goes out.


Don’t forget about the thermostat. Sensors in this part tell your heating system when to turn on or cycle. All types of heating system thermostats should be checked periodically to make sure they are still accurate and functioning as expected, including newer programmable models. Our array of heating services in Zimmerman, MN can help fix whatever thermostat issue you might encounter.

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If you think something isn’t right with any of your heating system’s parts, Rol Air Plumbing & Heating is here to help. We care more about your family’s comfort and safety. We specialize in all aspects of comfort-related service, from heating installation in Zimmerman, MN, to routine repairs and regular maintenance.

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