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When you need a plumber in Zimmerman, MN, we are here for you at Rol Air Plumbing and Heating. The reason that you need a plumber may be because of an outdoor drain clog. But the following reasons are the reasons that your outdoor drain is always clogged:

Excessive Use of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is easy to flush down the toilet, but there are times when this does not happen. The reason for your clogged outdoor drain may be excessive use of toilet paper. A large amount of toilet paper does not dissolve as fast as smaller amounts, so it can easily clog your pipes.

The type of toilet paper can also cause clogs. For example, some toilet papers are very thick, so they take longer to dissolve and soften. This is particularly the case if your plumbing is older.

Flushing Anything Other than Human Waste

You should flush nothing down the toilet except human waste. However, some people choose to flush medication, Q-tips, food, paper towels, napkins, baby wipes, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. Flushing these items down the toilet may cause you to need emergency plumbing services in the future.

Kitchen Products

Your kitchen habits are also capable of leading to an outdoor drain clog. For example, when you are cooking, you may be pouring fat, grease, or oil down the drain. You are contributing to the debris that coagulates in your pipes and causes clogs.

Damage in the Sewer Pipes

When your sewer pipes begin to sag as time goes by, it can lead to clogs. That is because the sagging gives debris a place to build up, and this causes clogs. This happens when the pipes are cracked or broken as well, but a plumbing company would be able to replace these pipes.

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