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Water Heater Parts We Will Need to Check

A malfunctioning water heater can leave you taking freezing showers or even force you to spend days without bathing until you can remedy the problem. If you’re a homeowner and in need of a plumber in Elk River, MN, you can turn to Rol Air Plumbing & Heating for dependable water heater repair services. Our team is composed of certified technicians who are highly capable of solving various issues so you won’t have to go without warm water.

Let’s look at some of the parts we’ll need to check when assessing what’s wrong with your water heater.

Heating Elements

If you notice that your hot water supply isn’t as warm as it should be, you may need to have the heating elements replaced. Another sign that we may need to replace the heating elements is that you keep running out of hot water much quicker than usual. Reach out to your trusted plumbing company ASAP to ensure a steady supply of hot water during the cold months.

Gas Valve

If you have a gas heater, the provider of plumbing repairs you called for will have to check the gas valve. Gas water heaters have a valve that regulates gas flow to the burner and pilot light. It is a safety measure that keeps the correct delivery of natural gas or propane through the appliance. Without it, you won’t have proper heating.


Water heaters come with a thermostat that regulates temperature. The thermostat’s function is to keep the water from reaching dangerously hot temperatures. A faulty thermostat means that your water heater won’t be able to regulate the temperature to which it heats the water.

Get Your Water Heater Working Properly

If you’re looking for a plumbing company with a proven track record of quality service, look for one that can spot issues with your water heater swiftly and accurately. For dependable water heater repair in Elk River, MN, trust only Rol Air Plumbing & Heating. We can make sure your water heating unit works at peak condition all year round. Call us or fill out our contact form today to schedule an appointment.

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