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Have you noticed that water in your shower or kitchen sink isn’t draining as quickly? It’s likely that a combination of grease, debris, and dirt has clogged the drain. Along with pooling water, you might notice odd smells or gurgling sounds. There are several techniques you can use to unclog drains, which include everything from chemicals to drain snakes. Our plumber in Elk River, MN can apply these solutions to clear any clogged drain.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

Chemical drain cleaning solutions are available as alkaline and acidic products. The chemical is poured into the drain, after which it reacts and helps clear away any organic blockage. These products are available in many retail stores but can be dangerous with incorrect use. It’s recommended that you seek assistance from our plumbing company to avoid risks.

Drain Snakes

Drain snakes are lengthy and flexible tools that are effective to unclog drain lines. Also known as plumbing augers, these tools come with a hand crank and corkscrew. The hand crank moves the cable until it meets a clog. The corkscrew will then get into the clog and disintegrate it. This technique is very effective when applied to more stubborn clogs.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Homeowners can clear some minor drain clogs with basic household items like vinegar and baking soda. When combined, these ingredients are as effective as chemical solutions. If the solution doesn’t produce the intended results, request plumbing repairs to correct them.

Attempting to unclog drains without the help of a professional can lead to damaged pipes or hazardous fumes sent into the air. The best way to avoid these problems is by contacting a plumber. If you discover that your pipes are leaking or that a severe clog is present, request emergency plumbing immediately. Call Rol Air Plumbing & Heating today to schedule our services.

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