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When those hot summer days come rolling in, the last thing you want is a busted air conditioner. At Rol Air, we understand the frustration that comes with an AC that doesn’t work as it should, which is why we provide air conditioning maintenance in Albertville, MN with the diligence and efficiency that’ll get your AC back up to speed. Here are some of the common issues we encounter:

Faulty Motor

Whether due to age or overworking, you might end up with a faulty fan motor on your hands. An inefficient motor is often the reason why the air from your AC can’t get cold or takes a long time to do so. Leaving a faulty motor alone and in disrepair can mean it will overwork itself until it burns out long before its due date, so be sure to call for air conditioning services in Albertville, MN as soon as you notice you aren’t getting anything but warm air out of your AC.

Loose/Broken Parts

Each component of your has a different sound that can help you identify what it is that might have come loose or broken up. A hissing sound often signals a refrigerant leak (which can also be the cause of that pooling water), a banging sound usually coincides with a broken motor, screeching sounds often indicate an issue with the compressor, and abnormal buzzing sounds typically mean an electrical component has gone on the fritz. Any abnormal sound is cause for concern and you’ll want to call an expert for air conditioning repair in Albertville, MN

Improper Installation

Sometimes you can chalk a faulty air conditioner up to the installation, so you might not even realize that the home you live in had a bad air conditioning unit from the start. Luckily, we can help you out with air conditioning replacement in Albertville, MN if it comes down to it.

Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t figure out what’s wrong with your AC, lots of people don’t, which there are trained professionals to do the job instead. At Rol Air, our certified professionals are friendly, efficient, and prompt. Whether you need a tune-up, a repair, or a brand new air conditioning installation in Albertville, MN, we’re the experts to take the task. Contact us today.

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