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In most cases, water heaters become less efficient as they age. They typical water heater will last between 8-10 years, depending on amount of use.

There are two types of water heaters, gas or electric, and they can either have a tank or be tankless (on demand). Below is a list of problems commonly associated with water heaters, and some recommendations:

Malfunctioning Parts

Parts in water heaters can wear out over time or be caused by faulty manufacturing.

A trained water treatment technician can diagnose the unit and pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

Parts are typically easy to replace and once installed, your water heater can be efficient again. Components that wear out the most and that effect hot water are:

  • Thermostat
  • Heating Elements
  • Relieve Valve

Sediment Build Up

If you have a lot of sediment in your water, it can build up over time and reduce the amount of hot water that it can produce.

Sediment can create and leave behind a thick and sometimes crusty coating along the interior walls of the tank. This coating can prevent the transfer of heat from the burner to the water in the tank.

Deposits can then break away and clog taps, pies and the relief valve (the valve used to flush your water heater tank).

Consider a custom size sediment filter.

Capacity or Size of the Water Heater / Tank

A typical water heater tank is 30-40 gallons, which is adequate for a family of 4. If you add in an appliance (like washing dishes or doing a load of laundry), you will probably run out of hot water if you shower at or near the same time.

Tankless water heaters can be a wonderful water heater solution for your home. Hiring a professional for proper sizing and capacity is well worth the extra dollars to have them help you choose the best tankless water heater for your home and install it.

At Rol Air, we use Navien’s tankless water heaters with great success and rave reviews.

Leaking Water Heater Tank

A leaking tank can indicate that your tank has corrosion, a heating element gasket may be worn out or other issues.

A leaking tank will cause your water heater to be less efficient, and it can be dangerous. If you see that your water heater tank is leaking, call a professional immediately.

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