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Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Cooling My Home?

Today’s air conditioners last an average of 10-15 years, and with proper maintenance and care they can last even longer.

However, even the most reliable units can have trouble from time to time, resulting in troubleshooting by the homeowner and a potential service call. Below are a list of typical problems with air conditioning units.

Please note that before you inspect your air conditioner, it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to cut power off to the unit before inspecting it for any wiring-related problems.

The Condenser Unit Won’t Turn On

Faulty Motor

If your air conditioner will not turn on at all, you like have have a faulty motor. This means that the unit itself is not receiving power.

Check Plug

Ensure that the unit is plugged in, and then you certainly can inspect the wiring (after disconnecting power to the unit itself), but it may be best to call for service.

The Air Conditioner Turns On, But Doesn’t Cool

Check Thermostat

If this happens, first check your thermostat. Is it set to the correct temperature?

Check Condenser & Evaporator

Check the condenser and evaporator for dirt and clogging. If too much dirt builds up, your unit may not run.

If you’ve done these things and it still isn’t cooling, please call for professional service.

The Condenser Unit Turns On and Off Repeatedly

Dirty Condenser

This is likely caused by a dirty condenser and fan or a clogged condenser. These issues require professional service.

The Air Conditioner Unit Does Not Cool Rooms Evenly

Check Fan

Check that the fan on your unit is kicking air into the duct system.

If you are unsure or cannot tell, please call for professional service.

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