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A common reason to need services like drain cleaning in Otsego, MN from Rol Air Plumbing & Heating is because of clogs that keep coming back. To give you a better understanding of why issues like this can happen, we go over some of the common causes of recurring clogs below.

Relying on DIY Drain Efforts

The potential problem with choosing the DIY approach instead of calling a professional plumber is that using a plunger or doing drain snaking yourself can push debris further down into your drain or sewer lines. The end result could be clogs that come back on a fairly regular basis.

Steadily Growing Tree Roots

A clogged drain can also be a problem that keeps coming back if you have thirsty tree roots that have found their way into your underground pipes. Over time, these roots can grow and expand. What this does is reduce space within the pipe and contribute to frequent clogs and backups.

Not Being Mindful of Routine Drain Care

You may also have recurring clogged drain issues if you’re not regularly caring for your drains. One way to accomplish this goal is to use your drains wisely by:

  • Not flushing wipes and other items that shouldn’t be flushed
  • Using drain strainers or grease traps
  • Not putting bones and other inedible things in your disposal

Having Issues with Pipe Scale

Pipe scale is the general term for mineral-rich materials that can coat your pipe’s walls. You could have recurring clogs for this reason if these materials narrow drain lines and restrict flow.

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Rol Air Plumbing & Heating is the drain cleaning company to turn to for all of your drain cleaning and repair requirements. If you have issues with clogs that keep coming back, we’ll take a look at your drain lines and take the steps necessary to restore normal function – and your peace of mind!

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