Risks of DIY Drain Snaking

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Risks of DIY Drain Snaking

Clogs are one of the most commonly occuring plumbing problems. In fact, they’re so common that a particularly stubborn clog can have you reaching for that drain snake instead of calling a plumber. However, there are several reasons why you should avoid DIY drain snaking and just leave it to the pros like our team at Rol Air Plumbing & Heating.

Wrong Type of Drain Snake

For the uninitiated, there’s no distinction between the different types of plumbing augers. However, not all snakes are equal as there’s one for each type of drain and problem. The best way to make sure that the right drain snake is used is to have a professional like Rol Air Plumbing & Heating perform a drain cleaning in Albertville, MN.


If you have an older home, chances are your pipes are also old. If you use a snake down your drain, you can easily cause damage to the aging pipes. This might end up costing you even more money than if you just requested professional drain cleaning services.


If you’re unskilled at drain snaking, a DIY job can result in an injury. The snake can recoil back to you and you can get hurt. It’s not worth the risk, especially when you can get hydro jetting from a professional and get a much more thorough job done.

Incomplete Job

Another problem with DIY drain snaking a clogged drain is that you often end up not doing the job completely and efficiently. Even if you do have the right snake for the drain with the clog, you may miss some of the debris and ultimately have to contact a plumber to complete the job.

Rol Air Plumbing and Heating is a drain cleaning company that can do the best job for the clogged drains in your home. Contact us today to schedule a professional drain cleaning.

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