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Having no heat in your house during a Minnesota winter is no joke. 

Below are some reasons why your furnace may be blowing only cold air or not working at all.

You can check these things out yourself, and then if you can’t resolve it on your own, we are happy to help. 

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4 Reasons Why Your Furnace
May Be Blowing Cold Air or Not Working


A dirty and clogged furnace filter is the number one reason why a furnace won’t work. Start here. Check and change the filter if needed and see if heat is restored to your house after that.


Check to see what your furnace fan setting is on. If it is at “ON”, change to “AUTO”. That way, it will only blow air when the furnace is heating the air.


The furnace burners cannot light if the pilot light is not on. If your pilot light is out, try relighting relighting it.


A blocked condensate line (from mold, ice, dust and dirt) will cause the furnace to shut down. It could also be the condensate pump.

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