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Every area of our home needs some form of maintenance, whether we’re aware of it or not. The kitchen is no exception to this. In fact, there’s a lot to maintain when you stop and think about it: appliances, backsplash, floors and walls, light fixtures, cupboards, and the drain to your kitchen sink. As the expert in drain cleaning in St. Michael, MN, the last thing we want here at Rol Air Plumbing & Heating is for you to have a nasty, clogged drain interrupting your life. We care more about your drains! 

To help prevent problems before they happen, keep these drain maintenance tips in mind.

Keep the Grease out of the Sink

One of the quickest ways to need drain cleaning services is to throw hot grease down the kitchen sink. This is a common practice that leads to trouble. Instead, dump your grease into an old coffee can or something similar.

The Garbage Disposal Isn’t a Free-For-All

You might be in search of a plumber for untimely repairs if you think you can throw just anything down your garbage disposal. Some things are better off tossed in the garbage or in a compost bucket, if you have a garden. This includes things like banana peels, fruit and vegetable peels, corn husks, egg shells, coffee grounds, and any fibrous vegetable parts that don’t make it into your meals.

Keep the Drain Clean and Fresh

If your drain isn’t clogged, the best form of maintenance is to do a thorough cleaning. You can do this yourself every few months by flushing baking soda and hot water down the drain. This can help break up caked on food and debris. Consider hiring a good drain cleaning company for a thorough, efficient job.

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