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Humidity Problems in Winter

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In the winter, low humidity becomes the primary problem in many homes as cold air is not able to hold as much moisture as warm air.

In the fall and winter when your furnace is running regularly, humidity has the opposite effect than in the summer heat. A significant drop in humidity levels can actually make your home feel cooler than your thermostat reading.

Oftentimes, the first clue a homeowner has that their furnace isn’t working properly is because their home feels cold due to low humidity (not actual temperature).

Problems that arise in the home can include issues resulting from dry skin, dry nasal passages, irritated eyes and aggravated sinuses — even damage to furniture and flooring. Your furnace or heat pump may be using a high amount of energy to run and still not provide the warmth you need in the cold, and when this happens you should schedule a service call.

If humidity is being managed well in your home, most people are comfortable at an indoor temperature between 71 – 77 degrees. If not, you may find yourself increasing the thermostat because the humidity is too low, costing you both comfort and cash.

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