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As a trusted provider of heating repair in Zimmerman, MN, Rol Air Plumbing & Heating wants to shed light on the importance of paying attention to anticipated energy consumption this spring when it comes to heating. Below are a few of the leading contributing factors. 

What Are Your Spring Usage Habits?

According to the Department of Energy, heating your home takes up about 40 percent of your utility costs. This percentage will likely go down in spring as days get warmer and you’re not using your heating system as often. To get a better idea of what’s typical for you, take a look at your utility bills from the past few spring seasons.

Since it’s warmer during spring, you might want to take advantage and schedule your heating maintenance at this time.

How Well Is Your Home Insulated?

According to the EPA, homeowners can save approximately 15 percent on both heating and cooling with a home that’s sufficiently insulated in places like attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Part of the reason for this is a reduction in air transfer both ways that allows you to maintain a more consistent indoor temperature. So if your home is well-insulated, you’re less likely to consume energy to heat your home in the spring. 

How Diligent Are You About HVAC Maintenance?

Your spring heating consumption is also determined by how diligent you are with heating maintenance. In fact, the DOE notes that properly maintained HVAC equipment and similar proactive steps could cut energy bills by around 30 percent. Spring heating will be less of a strain on your budget with efforts that include:

  • Changing or cleaning your filter
  • Having your system inspected so any issues from winter usage can be addressed
  • Making sure your thermostat settings are correctly adjusted to reflect seasonal temperature changes

We’ve Got You’re Comfort Needs Covered

As spring arrives, it’s a perfect time to get in touch with Rol Air Plumbing & Heating to have your HVAC system checked. If a new heating installation is something you’re ready to consider, we’ll go over your options and help you choose one that will perform well where heating is concerned.

Contact us today to benefit from any of the heating services we offer.

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