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Having problems with your drains can upset your entire household. Fortunately, you can contact a plumber in Otsego, MN from Rol Air Plumbing and Heating to come over and make repairs. Although you might be tempted to use chemical drain cleaners to clean your drains, it’s better to avoid those products. They can damage your drains in a few ways.

They Can Damage Your Pipes

The harsh chemicals in commercial drain cleaners are not always effective at clearing hair, food particles, soap scum and other gunk from your drains. Additionally, the chemicals can also erode away at your pipes, especially if they are made from older materials or are already damaged. It’s not worth the risk, so you’re better off getting drain cleaning in Otsego, MN from a professional.

They Don’t Always Work

Chemical drain cleaners don’t always work. In some cases, they can even compound the problem when you have a clogged drain. Some homeowners resort to DIY snaking when chemical cleaners don’t get rid of the clog.

Unfortunately, if you’re inexperienced with that, you might push the debris even further down and damage the drain and the pipes below it. Scheduling professional drain cleaning services to deal with the problem is the best course of action.

They Can Damage Your Entire Septic System

The chemicals in commercial drain cleaners can even cause harm to your entire septic system. The substances in the product can counteract the beneficial bacteria in your septic system that has the responsibility of breaking down waste. As a result, you’re left with a big problem as the system will no longer work. Rather than risk the financial burden, always entrust drain cleaning to professionals who use drain snaking or even hydro jetting, a gentle yet powerful pipe cleaning method that blasts away clogs, tree roots and other debris.

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