Is A Heat Pump Right For Me?

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A heat pump is a technology that transfers heat, as opposed to generating heat the way a furnace does. The laws of thermodynamics state that heat naturally moves from areas of high temperature to areas of low temperature. The transfer of heat ends when both spaces are equal, unless you use a “pump”.

Is A Heat Pump Right For Me?

Even in the late fall and early spring when it’s quite chilly out, there is still heat in the air that can be utilized. This is where the technology of the heat pump comes in. 

The heat pump is able to grab what heat is already in the air outside your home, and transfer it via refrigerant, into your home. This is considerably more energy-efficient than firing up your gas or propane furnace when temps are still above freezing but cold enough to want a heat source. 

That’s why heat pumps make an excellent alternative heat source in climates like ours where outside temps are under 60 for the majority of the year, especially for our propane customers! Running a heat pump in the fall for several months before switching to your propane furnace will save you a ton of money each year!

Most Efficient Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps makes excellent alternative heat sources in spring & fall!

Our heat pumps are energy star certified, which means they save you extra money on your electric bill AND qualify you for a rebate with your utility company (most of our local utility companies participate!) Here’s more information about rebates in our area

As if that weren’t enough, heat pumps do more than just heat! They also act as an air conditioner in the summer! 

What’s even better than that, our heat pumps utilize smart technology so you can control them with your phone, or even delegate your temperature control to your assistant Alexa

It’s a win-win-win! 

If you’re interested in learning more about heat pumps, and whether or not one might be the right fit for your space, give us a call! We would be happy to come take a look and go over all of your comfort options. 


Why Consider A Heat Pump This Winter?

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