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A good drainage system is essential for a home’s proper function, hygiene, and value. As a recognized plumber in Elk River, MN, we educate our clients on different aspects of our services to ensure they get the best system for them. Before installing cast iron drainage pipes, we take clients through the pros and cons to help them know what to expect from them.



This primary advantage has made cast iron pipes the most popular option for many plumbing solutions. Although they wear and get damaged over time, cast iron pipes can last up to ten decades. Their durability is thanks to the materials’ corrosion and wear resistance. They also have a protective coating that further increases the lifespan.

Lower leaking chances

The strength of cast iron pipes makes them hard to break or crack like other materials. The strength and properly sealed joints also make them withstand high water pressure. That way, homeowners don’t need to worry about leaks or the pipes bursting.

Environmentally friendly

The pipe’s strength and durability mean homeowners don’t need to conduct plumbing repairs or replacements often. That way, there are waste materials, unlike other materials like PVC. Also, it is easy to reuse or recycle the parts taken out in repairs or replacements.



Even with corrosion-resistant properties, cast iron drain pipes will experience rust over time. That could weaken the lines and cause leaks.

Hard installation

Cast iron pipes are usually more complicated to install than other materials. One of the main reasons is their weight, making them hard to transport and handle. They also require specialized installation equipment. These factors make the installation longer and more expensive.

High cost

Besides the installation costs, cast iron pipes are more expensive to purchase than materials like PVC and copper. That is because they require more materials and labor to produce. That can make it a financial inconvenience when clients need emergency plumbing.

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