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Air Conditioning Repair in Elk River, MN, and Nearby Areas

If your air conditioner isn’t working well, it’s impossible to stay cool in the northwest Twin Cities in the summer. After all, it gets so hot and humid here that you’ve just got to turn the AC on, at least on some days. If your air conditioner isn’t running well – or isn’t running at all – call us at Rol Air. HVAC repairs are one of our specialties and we would love to do your air conditioning repair for you.

We are proud to provide expert air conditioning services in Elk River, MN to our primary service locations, which include: Elk RiverZimmermanOtsegoSt. MichaelAlbertville.

We also serve: Albertville, Anoka, Brooklyn Park, Buffalo,  Coon Rapids, Maple Grove, Monticello, Plymouth, Princeton, Ramsey

Rol Air Plumbing & Heating is an all-around HVAC company in Elk River, MN that offers:

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

If the air conditioner has stopped working entirely, you probably know that you need to call in an expert to get it functioning again. However, some homeowners don’t realize that they can call us in at the first sign of a problem and avoid the complete A/C shutdown. Contact us if you have noticed any of these signs or other changes in the way your air conditioner functions.

  • You’re hot even when the A/C is running. Your air conditioner could be running without blowing cold air, or it could not be able to cool the air enough to make your house cool. Either way, call us before it burns out its motor and we’ll get it fixed for you soon.
  • Your A/C blows lukewarm air. Ideally, your air conditioner will blow ice-cold air. This means it is running at its highest level of efficiency and that it will cool your home effectively. When the air it blows gets warmer, it will have to run longer and work harder to cool your home. This creates extra wear and tear on the motor, which can cause it to break down prematurely. Fix the whole problem with an air conditioning repair as soon as you notice the problem.
  • Your A/C makes unusual noises. You’ll always hear your A/C running, but you shouldn’t hear anything other than the usual motor sounds. If you hear bangs, clonks, or anything else, it’s time to turn it off and call us fast. Chances are, something has come loose or broken off inside your unit. We can fix it and get it working again soon.
  • You have to keep cranking your thermostat down. You should be able to set your thermostat where you want it, then not worry about it again unless you want your house warmer or cooler. If you find yourself turning your thermostat down, then down again, there’s a good chance you need a professional air conditioning repair in Elk River, MN.

At Rol Air, we won’t leave you hanging. We’ll get to you fast, at a time that’s convenient for you. We’ll talk to you about what you’re experiencing with your A/C, then take a look at the system for ourselves. When we find the problem, we’ll let you know what has gone wrong and what repair we suggest. If you agree to have it done, we’ll get to work fast and get your air conditioning repair in the northwest Twin Cities area done right away. We also offer air conditioning replacement in Elk River, MN if repairs won’t suffice. So what are you waiting for? Give Rol Air a call today!

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